Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sleep solutions. More relaxation music that works

Well. It's been a while since my last post. A lot has been going on, and I've been on both ends of a few rapid cycles since I last wrote, but I can't really be bothered to rehash. Might as well note, though, that yes- I was tipping into mania when I wrote that last post. Quite noticeably. But I guess it's alright, since I'm still here now and doing okay.

Sooo anyway, a couple of posts ago I wrote about Sounds to help you sleep, pointing out some websites that I've found to be helpful in that regard. And using Sitemeter (a simple, free gadget I'd recommend to anyone just venturing into websites or blogging) I noticed that I actually dO have a precious few people checking out my half-assed attempt at a blog! About half of the entry points are from Google searches for sleep sounds, solutions, bipolar + sleep, or some other such combination of search terms.

It definitely is an issue plaguing a big ol' bunch of us, eh?
There are a few things I could add at this point, but tonight I am just going to note one more helpful site:

www.shuteye.com --> Soothing voice lulls you softly into slumber with progressive muscle relaxation and mental relaxation techniques.

*** More specifically: www.shuteye.com/sleep-solutions/relaxation-techniques.aspx

I would recommend trying both of these techniques. They really do work wonders for relaxation. Might even be helpful during those episodes of agitation, and not just for sleep purposes. It follows that plan that we always aim for, that people tell us to follow- that whole "Just stop your brain from thinking so much, and you'll fall asleep!" idea... but actually made doable with a little audio help. The soft voice is accompanied by lovely background music, and her words carry your mind away from your day's thoughts to a pleasant, cushioned resting place just for you. There is an additional 20 minute clip of relaxation music you can listen to after you've tried the mind and body relaxation exercises and it is quite beautiful as well.

I am listening to the music now, and I think it is working its magic already.
Good night. :)

----- Current Medication and Mood-Meter Reading -----
Am back off the 'emergency' Zyprexa (and am consequently feeling much better, or more "me" again). Still taking Zoloft in the mornings, a Klonopin in the evening, but now just half a prescription sleeping pill if I can't sleep at bedtime. Yes, most of the time I do take that half-pill. After a few wild emotional pendulum swings during the last month or two, I think I am currently feeling relatively comfortable and stable.