Thursday, November 1, 2007

Party-tipping into Hypomania? (such relief! but ok, I should be careful)

Partied like there was no tomorrow last night. In the late afternoon, the little halloween kiddies were parading by saying "trick-or-treat!" as politely as they could. Gave out candies, relived my childhood for a couple of hours, then later ended up going out for some drinks with mates. There was a big bar relaunch/opening my friend invited us to, and it turned out another friend was DJ-ing at a Halloween party at another club. Felt quite VIP making the rounds! The night went on much longer than I had expected it to (was honestly planning to be home by 10pm), leading on to karaoke, then a sheesha bar, then another friend's bar/club... Staying out so late probably wasn't the healthiest thing to do, but I did have a good time. Met lots of new people, made some business connections and hung out with old friends too, bringing some nostalgia into the mix.

This morning (yes I was out late) was the first time in a long time that I fell asleep without the help of any pills. So my question to myself right now is- am I slightly manic right now, and should I be watchful of that? I could sleep, but perhaps I was just exhausted from the excessive partying. I do need some more sleep tonight and am looking forward to that, but I've been feeling surprisingly pleasant today despite the large amount of alcohol I consumed throughout the course of the night. A little dehydrated, but that is the extent of my hangover. I was out the night before as well with old bosses, clients and workmates, and was also out on Saturday for two big Halloween parties...

Either I have so enjoyed spending time with my friends that I'm just feeling healthier and better, or I could be teetering into Hypomanic Zone. I suppose I should be wary of that. I am so sO glad not to be feeling like a turd on a stick anymore, but I could easily crash and burn if I don't take it easy so--- Yes, I should be watchful is the answer to my own question. Regardless of whether I'm a bit manic or not. But still. Thank goodness I don't feel like a Munch painting today... Was very much in need of a break.

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