Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pregnancy and Bipolar Depression - sleep

Well that was quick.
I'm pregnant!

And as delightfully happy as I am, I've also already been crying and having trouble sleeping and struggling to hold onto that thread unraveling that keeps the world in place and me within it.

Off my meds officially now except for a prescription of herbs and vitamins and 3 cups of milk a day. My husband will be visiting the doctor with me tomorrow as the doc wants to talk with him too.

I finally cried myself to sleep today for an evening nap, which was a pleasure upon waking, floating in that joyous sleepy feeling I missed so much when I couldn't sleep these last days. The simplicity of feeling sleepy..  just feels so good I almost want to stay in that state and drift in and out of sleep for ages.

I think I'll have better dreams today along with better sleep.
Ah the joys of these simple things.
Shouldn't forget how good this feels, it almost feels normal!

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