Friday, October 26, 2007

Bipolar / Manic / Depression / ADHD Blog Beginnings... Well, here goes.

My first post. My first blog ever, really.

I am not sure what triggered it, but I needed a place to vent, muse, collect information, store helpful tips... And so here we find ourselves. I have absolutely no idea whether this will remain my own private littering ground for the ramblings of my mind, or whether I will eventually grow this blog into something that may be helpful to others, but I do hope it is the latter.

I suppose that the usual way of going about this would be to introduce myself. But I'm not really in the mood today, so I'll leave that for another day. Today I will just say hello.

----- Current Medication and Mood-Meter Reading -----
Anxious, agitated, worried, a bit sad... I didn't forget to take my Zoloft this morning, and I already took my nighttime Zyprexa and Klonopin a while ago. Perhaps the jitters have calmed just a bit, but I am still feeling uneasy and uncomfortable in my own skin. (I am back on the Zyprexa. I hate how it makes me sleep for 10-12hrs straight, but I have to admit it does usually slow the mind enough to sleep. A last resort when sleeping pills don't work. I still don't like it though. But anyway. More on that another time.)

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